Kim Kardashian Meets Free Inmate Alice Johnson For First Time

Reality TV queen Kim Kardashian-West met former inmate grandmother Alice Johnson for the first time. The meeting took place in Memphis, Tennessee and was exclusively filmed for ‘The Today Show’ on ‘NBC’. Kim said, “ I mean, I already knew just by talking to you and seeing you in videos, but I mean you are everything and more than I ever thought.” NBC host Koda Kotb who was on hand to film the interview between the two said, “I think you two are going to be friends for a long time.”

For several months before Kardashian’s May meeting with President Donald Trump, she had been paying Johnson’s legal bills. The mother of three asked Trump for mercy on Johnson as she was serving a life sentence for a non violent drug offense. After the meeting Trump indicated that he had ‘a great meeting with Kim.’ After news of Johnson’s sentence being granted a pardon by the President, Kim weighed in on social media. She said, “Best News Ever. I’m so grateful to Donald Trump and Jarred Kushner and to everyone who showed compassion to Alice Johnson.”

During the Johnson, Kim interview, Johnson said during the 22 years she spent behind bars, she never gave up hope. Johnson talked about what led her to traffic in drugs over two decades ago in Memphis. She said after her youngest son died, she was facing enormous financial hardships. She had to file for bankruptcy and her house was being foreclosed on. Johnson said that she made the choice to get involved with the drug ring and is not excusing herself for her actions, she said, “I was desperate, it was wrong, and I made a mistake but I was desperate.” Kim said she had been working on Johnson’s case for 7 months behind the scenes. Johnson said she never hard of Kim while in prison, “I had no idea who she was.”

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