Kim Kardashian’s Jewelry May Be Recovered As French Authorities Arrest 17 People Accused Of The October Jewelry Heist

Reality TV Queen Kim Kardashian, 36 was served some good news on Monday. French police in Paris arrested 17 people believed to be involved in Kardashian’s October 3rd robbery in her Paris hotel room. One of the people arrested was the starlet’s chauffeur who was driving her around Paris a few hours before the event occurred. Kardashian has described the event as the most terrifying of her life. She alleges that five armed men burst into her hotel room and tied her up. They pointed guns at her and demanded jewelry. The total take was estimated to be over 10 million dollars, including her 4 million dollar engagement ring.

Many naysayers have accused the reality queen of completely fabricating the incident for attention and publicity. Kardashian never faltered in her story, and said the event forever changed her life. She had turned into a virtual recluse in comparison to how she behaved prior to the robbery. French authorities on Monday said that due to Kim’s incessant postings on social media, that could have contributed to the robbery. It gave the robbers a  clear path to her, they knew exactly what she was wearing and where she was throughout her entire Paris trip.

Kardashian’s husband rapper KanyeWest abruptly left a New York concert he was performing in, when he received news that his wife had been robbed. He immediately boarded a plane to join his wife in Paris. While many Kardashian insiders insisted the incident truly happened and the reality star was shaken to her core, skeptics said out loud they didn’t believe the story. Kardashian will have to review pictures of all those arrested to see if she can identify anyone. French authorities only have 96 hours to press formal charges.

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