Kris Jenner Files Restraining Order Against Her Former Security Guard

The matriarch of the Kardashian empire filed a restraining order against her former security guard. Attorney to the stars Shawn Holley filed the legal documents in Los Angeles Superior Court today. The former guard Joshua Jacobs, has been caught for a third time trying to have physical contact with Jenner. In one of the prior attempts Jacobs ran his truck through the front gates of the gated Southern California community Jenner lives in. He was seen wandering around the property at 1 am looking for Jenner.

In the latest incident that caused Jacobs to be arrested he was seen kneeling down in front of her security keypad trying to put numbers in. Jenner’s current security team saw Jacobs on security surveillance and called police. There was another incident in March when Jacobs showed up to Jenner’s house with his grandmother in his car. Jacobs was charged with trespassing and felony stalking and arraigned in court on Wednesday. The restraining order was granted by the judge and Jacobs was ordered to stay at least 100 years away from Jenner.

Jacobs was fired by the exclusive Hidden Hills gated community Jenner and a slue of other celebrities live. Some of Jenner’s neighbors include Jennifer Lopez, Drake, Brittney Spears, Melissa Etheridge, and Jessica Simpson. Jacobs was also charged with theft, he was accused of stealing a sign in sheet that belonged to the community. When police arrested Jacobs he said he “wanted to get at” the 61 year old mother of 6 and grandmother of 6. Jenner also faced a serious stalking incident in 2016 when a woman from the Bay area was arrested for hacking into Jenner’s internet and sending her threatening and menacing emails. Jacobs has to appear in court again in June on the latest stalking charge.

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