‘Leaving Neverland’ Director Defends The Film & Slams Jackson Family

The director of the new documentary ‘Leaving Neverland’ Dan Reed is defending the integrity of his film. The Jackson family have been bashing the film in mass, saying ‘it’s a one sided hit job.’ Reed said, “They have a precious asset to protect. Every time a song plays a cash register goes ka-ching. It doesn’t surprise me that they have come out fighting to protect their asset.”Reed is fighting back against the statements by various members of the pop singer’s family.

The Jackson family and the estate of the late singer have been issuing statements since the film premiered at the ‘Sundance Film Festival’. Reed sat for an interview with ‘The Hollywood Reporter’ in Park City, Utah, to discuss the veracity of his film. The film received a standing ovation after the film ended at Sundance on January 25. The Sundance organizers had mental health workers stationed in the lobby for any audience member that needed assistance, due to the film’s disturbing content. Reed has not commented on any of the Jackson family claims. He claims the last straw was when they called the film,”a tabloid character assassination”.


Reed said, “this is a 4 hour documentary, by an experienced documentarian with a long track record in investigation and telling complex stories, and this is a complex story.” The director continued, “So I’d say beyond doubt a documentary. Anyone with any knowledge of that form would recognize a documentary. A four hour piece, is that a tabloid? I didn’t characterize Jackson at all in the film. If you watch the film you will notice it’s a film about these two families and Micheal is an element of the film. It’s a film about sexual abuse and how it plays out later in life.” The film mostly focuses on two accusers, Wade Robson and and James Safechuck. Both met Jackson when they were children, and describe the abuse in graphic detail throughout the film.