Lisa Marie Presley Reunited With Twin Daughters After Completing Rehab

It’s been a rough couple of years for Elvis Presley’s only child, Lisa Marie Presley,49. Presley completed over a year stay at a private rehab faculty. She was battling alcohol and drug demons. Her youngest children, eight year old twin daughters Finley and Harper were in the care of their grandmother Priscilla Presley. Lisa is also mom to two older children, model Riley Keough,28 and son Benjamin Keough,24, from her first marriage to musician Danny Keough. Presley was in the ‘Hills Treatment’ Center in Los Angeles. A stay there costs $400,000 a month.

She entered the facility in July of 2016 and completed her program in late August 2017. She is said to be extremely excited to be with her youngest children again. She had minimal visits with them while she was in rehab. The children are excited as well, a friend revealed over the weekend. She promised her young children that she would never leave them again. Earlier this year, Priscilla, the only wife of the late Elvis Presley told ‘Entertainment Tonight’ that her home was a very friendly environment, and the girls are seeing both parents. She said at the time she had the twins more than 9 months.

Presley said the girls were visiting both parents, and ‘we will see what happens.’ The father of the girls, Michael Lockwood, had monitored visits with his daughters. Lisa Marie divorced Lockwood in 2016 after ten years of marriage. She has said publicly that she found disturbing pictures of the girls on Lockwood’s computer and other shocking pictures. Lisa Marie and Lockwood, have been in a toxic custody battle ever since the couple separated. Lockwood was Lisa Marie’s fourth husband, she was married for 2 years to Danny Keough, and to singer Michael Jackson for 2 years. She was also married to actor Nicolas Cage for 2 years.

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