Meghan Markle’s Father Paid Over 10 K For First Interview Since Royal Wedding

Thomas Markle the father of newest Royal Meghan Markle has broken his silence for the first time. Meghan married Prince Harry on May 19th, Harry’s father Prince Charles had to step in at the last moment and walk Markle down the aisle, due to her father’s absence on her big day. Markle appeared on the British talk show, ‘Good Morning Britain.’ co-hosted by Piers Morgan. Markle said his daughter was extremely upset when he told her he would not be attending the nuptials. There was an audible gasp the retired lighting director said.

Markle said that he was very happy watching her during her wedding, but he was upset that it wasn’t him walking her down the aisle. Markle at the time claimed that he was too ill to fly. He said that he had to undergo heart surgery the day before the wedding and couldn’t fly. Just days before that paparazzi photos emerged of Markle near his home in Mexico. It was revealed that the pictures were staged and Markle was paid for the pictures. Now a month after the wedding he missed, he was paid over $10,000 for the Monday morning interview, according to Morgan.

Markle divorced Meghan’s mother Doria Ragland when Markle was six year old. Ragland was the only member of Markle’s family that actually attended the wedding. Markle also revealed during the interview, that she called him when her relationship with Harry was starting to get serious. She told me she was dating someone new and it was getting serious, and ‘he’s English and he’s part of the Royal family.’ He said at first he had no idea what a huge story it was until he started reading about his daughter and Harry in magazines. Markle said that he believes his daughter will have a child soon due to her age, she will turn 37 on August 4th.

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