Meghan Markle’s Father Pulls Out Of Attending Saturday Wedding As New Scandal Swirls

The event is being billed as ‘the world wide event of the year’ as the UK braces for Prince Harry’s wedding. His future bride has a stormy relationship with many of her relatives. Markle’s father admitted to cooperating with a tabloid to publish pictures of him looking at pictures of his daughter and future son in law on the internet. Another picture shows Markle getting fitted for a suit, and another shows him lifting small weights in preparation for his walk down the aisle with his daughter Meghan.

There has been no official confirmation by Buckingham Palace at to whether or not Markle will attend the nuptials. They did release a statement asking the press to give Markle some space as she deals with ‘very personal issues.’ Markle a once very highly regarded Hollywood cinematographer, now is retired and lives in Rosarito, Mexico. Markle told ‘TMZ’ that he regrets his involvement with the pictures, and is not going to attend his daughter’s wedding. He claims he is trying to avoid embarrassing his daughter and the Royal family. Markle’s half sister Samantha Markle said overnight it was her idea for her father to take pictures that would show him in a more positive light.

Meghan also has a half brother Thomas Markle Jr. Her brother issued a statement a week ago to the Royal family. He said marrying Meghan would be ‘Harry’s biggest mistake, he claims that ‘Meghan’ has other sides to her, that are not flattering. Meghan has had no relationship with her two half siblings. She has not invited any other family members to her wedding. The only invites went out to her mother Doria Ragland a therapist and yoga instructor in Los Angeles and her father. Friends insist Meghan ‘is embarrassed by the picture scandal, and wants to move past it. Many are wondering who will walk Meghan down the aisle if her father stays away.

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