Meghan McCain Getting Backlash After She Criticized Parkland Shooting Survivor Student

Parkland high school student David Hogg witnessed fellow students and a teacher gunned down in February. He and a group of other students banned together to start a movement ‘March For Our Lives’. The students marched in D.C. over the weekend, energizing almost a million people to join them. Millions of others joined the students all over the world during protests in major cities. Meghan McCain was fast to criticize Hogg for a speech he delivered at the rally in D.C.

McCain took issue with some of the profanity Hogg used in his speech on Saturday. The daughter of Arizona Senator John McCain put the 17 year old student on blast during the Monday broadcast of ‘The View’ on ABC. McCain is in her first season as a co-host on the talk show, and was recently nominated for an Emmy along with her co-stars. McCain said “One thing I will say you don’t move the narrative when you use language like this.” She went on to quote from Hogg’s Saturday speech. McCain has said on the show she is strong advocate of the 2nd amendment, and a supporter of the ‘NRA’.


McCain said it’s counter productive to use the kind of language Hogg used when he spoke to a crowd of over 800 thousand people in D.C. Co-host Whoopi Goldberg, was quick to defend Hogg and the other students. She said, ‘these kids are angry and whatever language they use or don’t use, they want change.’ People on social media were relentless in their attacks of McCain. The general conscience was that McCain missed the entire point of the protest. They also pointed out that on McCain’s social media she uses the term F***Cancer, eluding to her father’s current battle with brain cancer. A few called McCain a hypocrite, in using the language herself. One user said “You’re wrong Meghan, own it.”

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