Miley Cyrus & Many Stars Descend On Washington D.C. To Advocate For Tougher Gun Laws

In the wake of the deadly shooting in Parkland, Florida, the surviving students have started a movement. Thousands of students at Marjory Stoneman Douglass High School are in Washington, D.C. today to lead the ‘March For Our Lives’ movement to try to compel lawmakers to take action and make it harder for ‘weapons of mass destruction’ to be obtained. Stars of every discipline have joined the movement to lend their powerful voices to the cause. George Clooney and his celebrity friends and colleagues, have stepped up to the plate to donate over a million dollars to the student’s cause.

Some huge names in entertainment are performing in D.C. and other cities around the country. It was agreed by all parties that only the students and other victims of gun violence would be making speeches on Saturday. Paul McCartney was seen in the nation’s capitol wearing an anti gun violence t shirt mingling in the crowds of almost a million people. The headliners in D.C. Are Cyrus, Common, Demi Lovato, Lin-Manuel, Miranda, Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson. Stars in Los Angeles who will be performing and speaking are Amy Schumer, Oliva Wilde, Charlie Purh, Connie Britton.

‘This is a world wide effort’ student leader Emma Gonzalez said before the march. There are marches planned all over the world on Saturday. The marches will take place from the US to the United Kingdom and from Japan to India which includes over 833 marches. Parents were seen in D.C. marching with their young children, and students from all over the country were seen carrying signs and singing in unison. College student Ashley Sclaeger drove from Ohio to D.C. She is a freshman at Ohio State, said “I don’t want to ever seen another child as a statistic.”

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