Model Chrissy Teigen Reveals Her Unusual Living Situation

Supermodel Chrissy Teigen told ‘US Magazine’ that she has a rather unusual living situation but it works for her. The 32 year old who is the wife of singer John Legend is expecting a second child with him. Teigen revealed that her mother Vilailuck who is of Thai decent, lives with her and her husband Legend and their daughter Luna. Teigen was speaking at ‘Vita Coco Coconut milk Brunch in West Hollywood on Wednesday. She said that people always want to know about her father, because he is seldom seen in public.

Tiegen said her father likes his privacy, and doesn’t want every single thing he does debated. Her father Tom Teigen is happily married to her mother Vilailuck, but the two do not live together. Teigen said her father lives about ten minutes away from her Los Angeles home, and sees her every day. She said her parents are happily married but they do not live together and it works for them. Teigen said they are all a very close knit family, ‘extremely tight’. There marriage works for them, they have been married a long time, and they love and care for each other, the model said.


Teigen’s second child with Legend is due in March, and she said she’s been having terrible food cravings. She claims she is craving everything that is bad, like submarine sandwiches, and margaritas. She knows she can’t have everything she craves, but that doesn’t stop the cravings. Teigen’s father is now retired, but was a former park director with the Snohomish County Park and Rec in Washington State. Teigen said in edition to her cravings, her husband John is a gourmet cook, and makes her lots of healthy things to eat. Teigen said ‘she is so ready for this baby, ‘the cravings have been really bad throughout this pregnancy.’ Teigen said John is a ‘very slow cooker, it takes him forever to prepare one meal.’

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