‘MTV’s Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood Seen Kissing New Mystery Man After Dumping Fiance

MTV’s cameras were rolling today at the Indianapolis marina when they caught ‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood kissing a new man. Portwood, 27 and her former fiance Matt Baier, 46 called it quits last month after three tumultuous years together. Baier contacted Portwood on ‘Twitter’ shortly after she was released from Rockville State Prison in Indiana. She spent 17 months of a 5 year prison term for a probation violation. As soon as Baier appeared on the top rated reality show, people from his past started to surface.

Baier was homeless and jobless when he moved in with Portwood in October of 2014. He had contacted several of the other ‘Teen Moms’ via ‘Twitter’  before contacting Portwood, but none of them took his bait. Portwood fell prey to his ‘back story’ immediately. He told her he was a recovering addict with two kids in Boston. After a period of time, it was revealed that Baier had fathered at least 9 children, and had several outstanding back child support cases pending. Portwood recently told ‘Dr. Drew’ that Baier was a “pathological liar that needs lots of help.”


She told the good doctor, that if the relationship could be repaired it was totally up to Baier. Fast forward to today at the marina, where MTV was filming for an upcoming season of ‘Teen Mom OG’. A tall bearded man wearing a cowboy hat was seen with his arm around Portwood, and the two looked very chummy and familiar. They were also seen kissing and walking to the marina and boarding a small sail boat. Baier spoke out today saying, “I just want Amber to be happy and safe, and she knows I’m only a phone call away.” Portwood’s ex Gary Shirley, the father of Portwood’s only child Leah Shirely has not yet commented on Portwood’s new man.

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