New England Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Criminally Charged With Sex Solicitation

The owner of the Superbowl champions New England Patriots is dealing with serious legal troubles. The 77 year old Massachusetts native has been charged with two counts of illegal solicitation pg jsex in Florida. The sting investigation has been going on for several months according to the authorities. The charges stem for two different visits that Kraft made to Orchids of Asia Day Spa in Jupiter, Florida. The legal team for Kraft said they categorically deny the charges, and will not be commenting any further at this time.

According to police in charge of the investigation, they have video evidence of Kraft ‘receiving paid acts’ at the spa. Kraft is one of 20 people being criminally charged in this particular ‘sex sting.’ They also have concrete evidence that Kraft was driven to the spa on the two occasions that he is charged with. Kraft has owned the Patriots since 1994, they have gone to the Superbowl ten time, and won 6 of the matches. Kraft’s wife of many years Myra Kraft died in 2011 after a long battle with cancer. The charge is a misdemeanor and carries a 60 day jail sentence and 100 hours of community service.

Florida law enforcement have said that the particular spa Kraft was video tapped in, has been under investigation for running a sex ring. Police are saying it’s unusual for a prostitutes customer ‘a john’ to be charged with any crimes, it’s always the prostitutes. Due to this spa being investigated for holding women against their wills, many of it’s customers were charged. If Kraft is convicted of the charges, he may face sanctions from the NFL due to their conduct policy. Anyone involved with the league, players, managers, owners, have to adhere to the conduct policy.

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