‘Night Of The Living Dead’ Director George A. Romero Dies Of Lung Cancer At 77

Some say the 1968 black and white horror  movie ‘Night Of The Living Dead’ is the scariest film ever made. Today Hollywood and fans around the world are mourning the death of it’s director George A. Romero, who died of lung cancer, after a very a brief battle with the disease. Romero was a heavy smoker for more than 50 years.  The New York based director, made the film on a measly $114,000 budget. He was new to the industry when he made the film and didn’t file a copy-write, he has claimed that he never made any money from the classic film.

Romero learned from his initial mistake rather quickly, he went on to direct the sequel in 1978, ‘Dawn of The Dead’ which was made for $500,000, it was shot exclusively in Pittsburgh, PA, where Romero went to college. The film had a large cast of mostly unknown actors, and went on to earn $55 million world wide. Romero directed a third movie in the zombie franchise ‘Day Of The Dead’ in 1985, to less than stellar reviews. He also directed the blockbuster written by Stephen King, ‘Creepshow’ in 1982, it was a huge hit world-wide.


He re-wrote the original screenplay for ‘Night of The Living Dead’ and it was remade in 1990, Romero served as an executive producer on that film. He also made ‘Land Of The Dead’ in Canada in 2006 for a 16 million dollar budget. It was a big hit and starred some big names like Dennis Hopper and John Leguizamo. Romero appeared in many of his films sometimes unaccredited. He appeared in the Jodi Foster film ‘Silence of The Lambs’ in 1991. He died while listening to music from one of his favorite films, the 1952 John Wayne film ‘The Quiet Man’. He is survived by his wife Suzanne, and their daughter Tina Romero, who were by his side when he died.

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