O.J. Simpson Released From Nevada Prison After 9 Years Behind Bars

NFL hall of fame inductee and convicted felon, O.J. Simpson left Lovelock State penitentiary in Nevada at 12:08 a.m. on Sunday. He was released exactly eight minutes after he was eligible to be discharged. Prison officials felt that it would best if Simpson left in the early morning hour due to security concerns. Simpson has been segregated from other inmates since being granted parole in July, also due to security issues. The now 70 year old disgraced former football great, walked out of the prison into an awaiting van that was said to be driven by a friend of Simpson’s.

During Simpson’s July parole hearing, he conveyed that he planned on serving his parole in Florida to be near his two youngest children Justin and Sydney Simpson. However officials said that his paperwork to transfer to Florida has not yet been completed nor submitted. Simpson must remain in the state of Nevada until his paperwork is approved. It’s unclear if Simpson will face a snag in moving to Florida. The attorney general of Florida Pam Bondi has made it clear she does not want Simpson relocating to her state.


Paparazzi followed Simpson’s van as soon as it left the prison, and caught up with him at a gas station about 5 hours later.  Simpson still wearing the clothes he was wearing when he was discharged, said”you guys are stalking me, nothing has changed. I’ve been in the middle of nowhere USA for 9 years, nothing has changed yet, give me some room.” It is believed that Simpson will be in the Las Vegas area until his paper work to relocate to Florida is approved. Simpson’s long time friend Tom Scotto told NBC that his friend just wanted to stay positive, eat good food, and see his family and play golf. Simpson will be on parole for the next five years, with very strict restrictions in place.

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