Pamela Anderson Will Spend First Christmas With Much Younger Boyfriend Adil Rami

Former ‘Baywatch’ beauty Pamela Anderson will be marking her almost year anniversary with professional soccer player Adil Rami. Anderson originally from Canada is 50, her boyfriend is 31.
Rami is French, and the couple met at the ‘Cannes Film Festival’ a year ago and have been inseparable ever since. Rami will be spending Christmas at Anderson’s Malibu, CA home. Joining them will be Anderson’s two sons with ‘Motley Crew’ drummer Tommy Lee. Her sons, Brandon,21 and Dylan 19, have already met the soccer star, and fully approve of the relationship.

Rami was able to convince Anderson to move in with him in Marseille, France. She has been living with the soccer star since early spring 2017. Adil was asked about the almost 20 year age difference. He responded, “Pamela is like an alien, in the sense that she is always trying to save the world, so she has no age.” He went on to say, “age does not factor into anything where we are concerned.” A friend of the couple said ‘They live a very healthy lifestyle, he’s very good for her, extremely protective.”

The friend said he’s very proud of her and the work she does for animals and refugees. He brags about her all the time. Other friends have told French media that the ‘couple are madly in love, and they count the days they will be reunited whenever they are apart. The rumor mill in France has been fierce, they reported that Anderson was seen looking at engagement rings at ‘Chrome Hearts’ in Paris. For a few years Anderson was romantically linked to ‘Wikileaks’ founder Julian Assange, however now the two are great friends ‘trying to save the world together.’ Adil has two children with model Sidonie Bremont. That was the chief reason Rami had to stay in France, to co parent his young children.

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