Popular Gospel Singer Kim Burrell Facing Backlash Over Inflammatory Anti Gay Rhetoric

One of the most powerful voices in gospel singing today is Kim Burrell. She is being called into question for some harsh troubling statements she made recently about gay and lesbian people. Burrell, 44, has been a prominent figure on the gospel scene since 1989. Since 2010 Burrell has been a senior Bishop at Love and Liberty Fellowship Church in Houston, Texas. One of Burrell’s recent sermons at the church was taped and started to circulate on the internet. During the sermon, Burrell refers to homosexuals as “perverted”, and she also said anyone living a homosexual lifestyle is confused, and not living a “pure life”.


When Burrell was asked to comment on the contents of the sermon, she defended her positions, saying she makes no apologies or excuses for what she said. She said she believes in what she preached during the sermon. She went on to say those are the principles she herself lives by. Burrell has a single out from the new 20th Century Fox movie “Hidden Figures” staring Kevin Costner, Taraji P. Henson and Octavia Spencer. The song is a duet called “I See Victory” with powerhouse singer Pharrell.

Burrell and Pharrell are scheduled to appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to sing the song and promote the movie. Pharrell is one of the producers of the movie. DeGeneres is one of the most high profile lesbians in Hollywood. The singers are to appear on her show Thursday January 5th. There has been no public comments from Pharrell or DeGeneres regarding Burrell’s inflammatory statements. However she continues to face harsh backlash on social media, some comments she has received have been threatening in nature. If Burrell does go on Ellen as scheduled it could make for some very awkward Hollywood moments..story developing…