Prince George Arrives For First Day Of School As Mother Duchess Kate Misses The Milestone

Prince George,4, the oldest child of Prince William and his wife Kate started school in London today. The little prince was accompanied by his father to start his first of day of school at ‘Thomas Battersea’ in London. The private school cost approximately 30 thousand American dollars a year to attend. The future King of England’s mother Duchess Kate was at home battle-ling morning sickness. The Duchess is currently pregnant with the couple’s third child. Like her prior pregnancies, she is extremely ill, with ‘Hyperemesis Gravidarum’, which is acute morning sickness.

Many Londoners wondered out loud if Kate would be able to accompany George on his special day. Prince William took on the duty of doting father, as George was introduced to the staff at the school. Although all the staffers were seen displaying their best curtsies to the duo, George’s classmates will not be required to do so. He will simply be known as ‘George’ to his peers, and there will be no royal title attached to his name. Prince William introduced his son to his teacher, Helen Haslem, she bowed her head as a sign of respect, but later held George’s hand and escorted him to his classroom.

George was required to have a last name for all of his legal paperwork at the school. His father William and uncle Prince Harry were faced with the same dilemma  when they both started school. At the time, they chose the last name of ‘Wales’, which was part of their father’s royal title, ‘Prince of Wales’. Prince William is now officially known as the ‘Duke of Cambridge’. His son George will be legally known as George Cambridge. George looked like the dapper little prince in his school uniform of a dark blue sweater and dark blue shorts.

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