R. Kelly Facing New Legal Troubles After ‘Lifetime’ Documentary

Just days after a six part documentary ran on ‘Lifetime’ rapper R. Kelly is facing some severe legal issues. The documentary ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ was a disturbing compilation of several women from Kelly’s past that said they were physically, mentally and sexually abused by the singer. Kelly’s Chicago recording studio was featured on the ‘Lifetime’ special. It was described as ‘sex dungeon’ where every type of debauchery has taken place through the years. Now a Cook County Judge has signed a search warrant for Kelly’s music studio to be searched.

According to the ‘Chicago Sun Times’ the search will be conducted on January 18th. Victims of Kelly’s are disturbed that Kelly was given a ‘heads up’ about the search. One victim who wanted to remain anonymous said, “They basically are giving him a pass again. Any evidence that can be used will be destroyed before the search.” R. Kelly’s legal team petitioned the court for at least 30 days notice. The request was denied by the judge, siting ‘an extreme emergency.’ The owners of the building have said, they don’t have access to the space, and welcome the inspection.


Kelly has strenuously denied all the claims in the documentary, and said, “it’s all about 15 minutes of fame.” There has been a vast movement by several groups to ‘mute R. Kelly’ and hit him in the pocket book. Since the new allegations against the singer, several radio stations have pulled Kelly’s music from the play lists. Kelly was handed some more bad news on Saturday. The state of Illinois rejected a permit request by Kelly to host a ‘spring break concert’ in the state. The concert was set to take place in April in Springfield at the Illinois State Fairgrounds. The state said, there are ‘too many security concerns with Mr. Kelly right now.’