Rapper Meek Mill Performs In Miami For First Time Since Getting Out Of Prison

Audience members were surprised to see Rapper Meek Mill perform at ‘Loud Fest’ in Miami, Florida Saturday night. The rapper’s performance was not scheduled, it was arranged by Mill’s friend, DJ Khaled, who introduced the rapper to the crowd. Mill sang, ‘Dreams and Nightmares’, ‘On the Regular’,’Ima Boss’ and ‘1942 Flows.’ Mill said from the stage “It feels good to be free and be back in front of the motherf******.” Mill whose real name is, Robert Williams, told the crowd, “They tried to take my freedom and crush my dreams. But I’m back so let’s get it.”

The rapper who is now 31 legal troubles began 13 years ago when he was 18. The charges at the time were illegally possessing a firearm and assaulting a police officer. He was placed on probation, but has had parole violations since the initial arrest four different times. Mill’s legal battles have been a cause that many of his celebrity friends have tried to shed a light on. Many assert that Mill has been targeted with unfair sentencing only because he is black. The judge who has overseen all of Mill’s court cases is Judge Gence Brinkley.


Mill and his friends including funny man Kevin Hart claim all of the issues Mill has had is due to this Judge being biased against Mill. The rapper’s last incarceration occurred earlier this year, he was released from prison on April 28th to much fanfare, after the supreme court of Pennsylvania overturned his conviction and ordered him released. When he was released he said, “I’d like to thank God my family, my friends, my attorneys, my team at Roc Nation including Jay-Z, Deisere Perez my good friend Michael Rubin, my fans.” Rubin is a self made billionaire who is part owner of basketball team ‘Philadelphia 76ers.’ Rubin, Mill said was instrumental in securing his release from prison.

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