Ricardo Medina Jr. Actor From ‘Power Rangers’ Pleads Guilty To Voluntary Manslaughter

Actor Ricardo Medina Jr. 38, appeared in a Lancaster, CA courtroom today to plead guilty to voluntary manslaughter. Lancaster which is 70 miles north of Los Angeles, was where the ex ‘Power Rangers’ actor shared a home with Josh Sutter,36. Medina appeared in court wearing a yellow jail jumpsuit and sat quietly next to his court appointed attorney. He listened intently as the charges were read to him by the judge.

Medina earlier admitted that he used a sword on his roommate Sutter, and stabbed him multiple times, during an argument about Median’s girlfriend. The incident took place in January of 2015. Medina was arrested shortly after the killing. However prospectors released him pending further investigation. Almost a year later, he was arrested again by Los Angeles County Sheriffs and charged with Sutter’s murder. Through a plea bargain, the murder charges were dismissed, and Medina plead guilty to the much lesser charge of voluntary manslaughter. Medina has been behind bars without bail, since the January 2016 arrest.


The fight between the two men started over how Medina’s girlfriend parked her car. The argument became physical immediately, and Medina stabbed Sutter multiple times, and then called 911 himself to ask for an ambulance. Medina had only been living in the apartment for two months prior to the stabbing. He starred as ‘Cole Evans’ a wild force ranger, in ‘Power Rangers Wild Force’ from 2002 to 2003. He returned to the show in 2011 to play ‘Deker’ in ‘Power Rangers Samurai’ from 2011 to 2012. Medina is a martial arts enthusiasts and holds black belts in several disciplines. He will return to court on March 30th, when he is expected to be given a sentence of not less than 6 years in a state prison.

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