Rihanna’s Cousin Shot & Killed In Her Native Barbados

The 21 year old cousin of singer Rihanna was shot and killed a day after Christmas in Barbados. Tavon Kaseen Alleyne was murdered a day after his famous cousin saw him for a holiday family get together in their native Barbados. Rihanna,29, called for an end to gun violence. The singer wanted to make clear her cousin was not involved in gang activity. Rihanna took to social media and said “RIP cousin, can’t believe it was just last night that I held you in my arms. Never thought that would be the last time I felt the warmth of your body. Love you always man!”

Alleyne according to the official police report was walking home on Tuesday night, when an unnamed man approached him and opened fire. Alleyne was shot several times, and was transported to a hospital where he died minutes after arriving. Barbados police sprang into action immediately. They are asking for the public to come forward with any information about the shooting. Rihanna has spoken publicly about the violence in her native Barbados, and the need for more resources and education in the region.


The winner of eight Grammy awards, said she and her cousin were not only family they were very close friends. Alleyne was walking in his own neighborhood known as ‘Eden Lodge’ in St Michael’s on Tuesday, he was shot around 7 pm. Barbados officials have said earlier in the year that the escalation of gun violence needed to be addressed. Of the 28 murders in 2017. Twenty two of those murders were the result of gun shots. Rihanna lived in a Los Angeles mansion, shortly after becoming a singing sensation in 2006. She ditched her California digs for a 14 million dollar penthouse in New York City after two break ins at her California home in 2013.

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