Rob Kardashian And Blac Chyna Preparing For A Nasy Custody Battle For Their Daughter ‘Dream’

Rob Kardashian who will turn 30 on March 17 and ex-girlfriend Blac Chyna have split for good. Both have told friends and family there is no future for the pair as a couple. Rob is currently filming his reality show ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ on E with his family. The current season will deal in part with his break up with Chyna.

However the former couple’s E Show ‘Rob And Chyna’ will most likely not have a season 2. Rob has told E producers he will never again film with Chyna. Meanwhile sources are reporting that Chyna has retained an attorney to sue Kardashian for full custody of their infant daughter, ‘Dream’. She will demand child support and monitored visitation for Kardashian. Rob has been all smiles on social media with his young daughter, but insiders are saying he is not allowed to be alone with his daughter. Dream was born in November of 2016. The couple started dating in January 2016, and became engaged in April of that year.

With many break ups and reconciliations, the couple permanently split in February of 2017.  The Kardashians had long standing issues with Blac Chyna due in part to her romantic history with rapper Tyga. The two have a son together, Tyga has been dating Rob’s younger half sister Kylie Jenner since 2014, shortly after his split with Chyna. Inspite of the issues, the Kardaashians continued to be supportive of the relationship because they wanted Rob to be happy. While everything was working, everyone was happy, but as soon as trouble started to seep in, the family all sided with Rob. Many have now made it clear to Rob that they feared Chyna’s real intentions from the start of the relationship were less than honorable.

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