Roseanne Barr Gets A Congrats Call From Trump After New Show Brings In Sterling Ratings

The ‘ABC’ network has a mega hit on their hands, with the rebooted sitcom ‘Roseanne’. The network rolled out the revival of the popular 90’s sitcom on Tuesday night. The show brought in over 18.2 million viewers. Someone that appreciates good ratings is the former star of the reality show ‘The Apprentice’, President Donald Trump. Barr revealed on Thursday that the President called her and congratulated her on her success. Barr is the creator and executive producer of the show, and a real life Trump supporter.

Barr’s character on the show Roseanne Conner also supports Trump while her ultra liberal sister, Jackie Harris hates him. Barr says that she hopes the show ‘will get people talking in a civilized way about these issues that are tearing us apart.’ Of getting the call from the President, she said “They said, Hold please for the President of The United States, and that was about the most exciting thing ever, and it was really sweet of him to congratulate us.” Barr said she has known Trump for more than 30 years, and “he’s always been very good to me.”

Barr was hesitant to discuss the exact details of the call, but said, “it was very friendly”, she said he appreciated her stellar ratings, and is a person that ‘is very aware of ratings.’ The news of the call by the President to Barr was met with a lot of disdain from many on social media. One Twitter user said” So the family of Scott Beigel, a teacher who died shielding students at Parkland, hasn’t heard from Trump yet. But Roseanne Barr gets a personal phone call from him about her ratings, only because she’s vocal about her support of him. Congratulations Roseanne!” Another person said, “This is the same person who wouldn’t even call Rex Tillerson to say he was fired.”

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