Samantha Mathas Talks About The Night River Phoenix Died For The First Time In 25 Years

Actress Samantha Mathas gave a rare interview, where she talked about the night her then boyfriend, actor River Phoenix died at 23. The 25th anniversary of the actor’s death is coming up on Halloween. Mathas who met the actor on the film, “A Little Thing Called Love’ was his last girlfriend and was with him when he died. Mathas spoke to ‘The Guardian’ on the phone about that tragic night, the couple went to ‘The Viper Room’ a club in West Hollywood owned by actor Johnny Depp. Mathas claims she thought the two were going there to drop off Phoenix’s siblings.

Mathis said, “but when we got there he said, to me, Oh, there are some people playing music in the club, and they want me to play with them, that’s Okay right?” The actress said she got a funny feeling right away, she couldn’t figure out what was wrong, but she knew something wasn’t right. Mathas explained, “I didn’t see anyone doing drugs, but he was high in a way that made me feel very uncomfortable. I just thought I’m in way over my head.” The American Psycho actress said, “45 minutes later he was dead. The heroin that killed him was in the Viper Room.”

The actress has never spoken about that night, and on the night of Phoenix’s death, she was very uncooperative with the police, refusing to answer any questions. Mathas recalled that River had an unwavering devotion to his sisters, and brother Rain, Summer, Liberty and Joaquin. The actress said River told her shortly before he died, “I just have to make one more movie so my sister has enough money to go to college.” Samantha said she always knew they would be together shortly after meeting him. “It was fate that we were together, the night he died has haunted me, and always will.”

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