Selena Gomez Says She Is Finally Done With Justin Bieber

A close of friend of singer and actress Selena Gomez is speaking out about her friend’s on again off again relationship with singer Justin Bieber. The friend claims that after almost 8 years of the turbulent relationship, Gomez is ready to move on from Bieber for good. On one of her breaks from Bieber, Gomez started dating singer ‘The Weeknd’ in January of 2017. The couple were seeing each other for 10 months, it was serious says the source. There was talk of marriage between the Canadian singer and Gomez. They split in October of 2017.

Shortly after that split, Gomez was seen around LA with Bieber again. They were spotted all over, at concerts, restaurants and even at their church. The rekindled romance caused a lot of strife between Gomez and her mother Mandy Teefey. The friend explains, “her mom thought it was a very bad idea to be involved with Bieber again.” Selena and her mom became estranged over their disagreement about her involvement with Bieber. Selena broke up again with Bieber in March of 2018. Although the pair have had at least four public breakups, her friend insists ‘this one is final’.

The friend revealed that Selena, knows ‘her mom in the end was right about Justin all along’. The breakup this time was heated with Justin not wanting things to end. However Selena revealed to her friend that in order for her to really be done with Bieber, she has zero contact with him. The friend, “She is very serious about not wanting to see him ever again. She never cut him off 100% in the past, she knows it’s for the better to have him completely out of her life.” Now that Gomez has told her mom it’s over for good, the mother and daughter have become close again. The friend said, “Mandy has been a great support for her daughter during this time.”

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