Shelia Downs & Nate Duhon Of ‘Married At First Sight’ To Divorce After One Year Of Marriage

Shelia Downs-Duhon and Nate Duhon who were one of three couples to marry at the alter after just meeting that moment. The couple from the Chicago area were on season five of the ‘Lifetime’ reality show, which is currently filming it’s 6th season. The reason for the split according to Downs is infidelity on Nate’s part. She claims that her husband of a year has been unfaithful the entire time they have been married. Nate’s younger half brother Tyrique moved in with the couple immediately after the pair married.

Downs,32, is six years older than her soon to be ex husband Nate, he is 26, Downs was a bit put off by Duhon’s younger age at first. Duhon took to his social media account to refute the claims of his estranged wife. He claims that they have been separated well before the divorce announcement and he has already filed for divorce. He also seemed to want to clarify that the split is not due to cheating on his part. As far as the situation, Duhon said “This was known by both parties, my lawyer and a lawyer for the show. The reason that led me to file for divorce from Ms. Downs was known by both parties as well.”

Downs clearly wanted to have the last word, she said,”I see that instead of finally operating in integrity, Nate chose to continue to lie. My husband and I had problems. Yes. He was dishonest and there were women throughout our entire marriage. When I got married I meant forever, I fortunately was the only one. Instead of of finally accepting accountability, Nate has chosen to play this out in the media. Again, the best part about the truth is that it will stand the test of time.” Only one couple remains married from season five, Ashley Peta and Anthony D’Amico.

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