Singer Teddy Geiger Announces He Will Transition Into A Woman

Fans started asking singer Teddy Geiger what was going on with his changing appearance. Geiger announced to the world on Friday that he was becoming a woman. A fact the Rochester, NY native has struggled with for several years. Geiger,29, said that he is in the middle of the process of transitioning, and felt that he could no longer keep it a secret. A fan asked the “For You I Will” singer why he looked so different lately. Geiger said “Ok, because you asked so nicely, I am transitioning.” he wrote.

Geiger explained that he started to have frank discussions with a few close friends and family members about a month ago. The singer explained that when he discussed his ‘true self’ with those closest to him, it gave him the courage to move forward. Geiger wrote” I feel like the next step is tell you all. So here goes. Love it or hate it, this is who I’ve been for a long time. I love you guys. Talk soon,bye.” Fans started to react quickly, and the large majority of the singer’s fans have been very positive. One loyal adoring fan wrote, “Incredibly happy you shared this and are finding your path to becoming your true self.”

Geiger was clearly overcome with joy as he let fans know that he appreciated all the support. He posted pictures of himself, lying in a bed, in what looked like a hospital. The singer said” Woke up to so much love, I have the best friends.” Geiger has had huge success in a very short amount of time, his hit song, “For You I Will” went platinum. He has written hit songs for ‘One Direction’ and Shawn Mendes. He also did the soundtracks for ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ and ‘Ghostbusters.’ His devoted fans are waiting to see what’s next in Geiger’s new journey.

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