Soap Star Kristoff St. John’s Sudden Death Is A Possible Suicide

Soap opera actor Kristoff St. John was found dead after concerned friends called the police. When the police arrived to John’s Woodland Hills home, they found the 52-year old actor dead. Friends of the actor say in the days leading up to his death, he was drinking quite heavily. A source revealed the actor was reclusive, and rarely ventured out of his home. A source said that the ‘Young and Restless’ actor was never the same after his son Julian St. John committed suicide in 2014. Julian struggled with mental health issues for most of his life.

He was in a mental health facility when he took his life, Kristoff and Julian’s mother Mia sued the facility. The matter was settled out of court, Mia tweeted that the facility killed her son and her husband, and ‘ruined her life.’ Friends of the two time Emmy winner are saying that Kristoff was never the same after his son’s death, he has never recovered say friends. St. John said recently that ‘when a parent loses a child, there is never closure, the closure comes when the parent and child are reunited in heaven.’

St. John played the role of Neil Winters on the ‘Young and the Restless’ for 25 years.’ He also had roles in Roots, and played Denise’s boyfriend on the ‘Cosby Show’. The friends are saying that St. John was never the same after his son died. The actor wished that it would have been him dead and not his son, and he ‘just kind of checked out on life.” St. John was the son of actor Christoper St John, his mother was also an actress.. The LAPD said an autopsy was completed on Monday afternoon, but they will not release cause of death at this time. Kristoff was a vegan and a spokesperson for PETA.