The Son Of Fired Fox News Anchor Eric Bolling Commits Suicide

In tragic news, the son of Eric Bolling, a Fox News anchor, committed suicide on Friday. Eric Bolling, Jr.,19, committed suicide in Boulder, Colorado where he was a sophomore at the University of Colorado. The young man died of a drug overdose on the same day his father was fired from the network. The senior Bolling was fired after a month long investigation by the network commenced. The investigation was due to allegations of several female employees that claimed Bolling was sexually harassing them, by sending them unwanted graphic texts and pictures of his private parts.

According to ‘TMZ’ sources close to Eric Jr. said he was extremely upset by all the private revelations about his father. He was upset and embarrassed as more and more information was uncovered. Eric Jr. was the only child of Bolling and his wife Andrienne Bolling. Fox news announced that Bolling’s show ‘The Specialist’ would be canceled. Fox said in a statement that they thanked Bolling for his ten years at Fox and wished him well in the future. Fox reacted to the news of Eric’s death with the following”We are very sad to hear of the passing of Eric Bolling’s son. Eric Chase was a wonderful young man, and our thoughts and prayers are with the entire Bolling family.

Fox’s Sean Hannity tweeted “To my dear friend, please know that we all love you and will be here for you and your family.” Don Lemon of CNN said “So awful. My heart goes out to Eric and his family.” Geraldo Rivera of Fox also tweeted “Gut-wrenching news about #EricBolling 19 year old only son Eric. Erica and I weep for the Bolling family, this is horrible, our condolences.” Bolling is a stanch Republican and was with Fox News and Fox Sports. He was once a professional baseball player with the ‘Pitsburg Pirates.’

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