Stars React To Kanye West’s Meeting With Donald Trump At The White House

Four months after Kim Kardashian met with President Donald Trump for a second time, her husband rapper Kayne West had a turn. West was invited to the Oval Office for a sit down with Trump, sitting along side him was football great Jim Brown. Trump sat across from West with at times a stunned look on his face. The room was jammed packed with a full press corps capturing the odd moments. West rambled on for over 30 minutes raising at least 12 different subjects, as Trump mostly just listened.

West dropped the F bomb several times during the rant, West was wearing a red ‘Make American Great Again’ hat. He said wearing it makes him feel like Superman his favorite superhero. Fellow rapper TI said, “It was the most repulsive, disgraceful embarrassing act of desperation and a;suctioning off of one’s soul to gain power I have ever seen.” Star Trek actor George Takei said, “Just when we think we can’t sink any lower Kaney West is in the Oval Office talking to reporters. By the way Mr. Trump there was a really bad hurricane.” Axl Rose of Guns N’ Roses said “It was a joke, not going to solve anything in Chicago or anywhere else with this attention seeking nonsense.”

CNN anchor Don Lemon said Kanye West, ‘needs to step away from the camera and get help’. He said he felt bad for West, because he clearly is not well, and Trump is taking advantage of an obviously disturbed person.’ West mentioned his family saying there is ‘Very little male energy there’. His family including wife Kim Kardashian are said to be ‘at the end of their rope with West.’ The rapper and father of 3 recently revealed that he went off of his medication, because ‘he was just sleep deprived.’ The family is trying to convince him ‘to get help’, they are very worried about him.

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