Third Child On The Way For Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Via Surrogate

Reality star Kim Kardashian,36, and her rapper husband Kanye West,40, will be parents for a third time. West and Kardashian have been looking for a surrogate mother for several months and hired one last month. The woman the couple has hired is now pregnant with the couple’s child, ‘People Magazine’ reports. The couple married since 2014, have two children delivered naturally. Their daughter North West is 4, and son Saint,2. The couple actually hired a surrogacy agency in the Midwest that specializes in acting as a liaison between the surrogate mother and the couple.

Kim Kardashian had several health scares with both prior pregnancies, and was advised by her medical team not to chance a third pregnancy. Kim and Kanye have been extremely involved with the selection process, a source told the magazine. Kim is being extremely hands on with the surrogate even go so far as providing her with her entire diet. The couple want the baby to be extremely healthy. They feel that knowing exactly what the baby is eating prior to birth will ensure it’s health. The family is said to be “over the moon excited” about the new baby.

Ironically, Kim’s younger sister Khloe  is currently being treated by a Beverly Hills fertility doctor for her issues with trying to get pregnant. On being pregnant in the past Kim talked to the producer of her reality show Ryan Seacrest. She said “I was just waiting for this amazing experience. To do whatever I want, eat whatever I want, feel great. It just hasn’t been that way, I haven’t had morning sickness yet. So I’ve  heard that I’m really lucky about that, and I feel lucky. But I just have a lot of pain everywhere.” The due date for the surrogate has not been released.

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