Travis Scott Helps A Fan Pay Funeral Expenses For His Mother

Rapper and boyfriend of Kylie Jenner Travis Scott is being called a hero today. The rapper reached out to his fans on Twitter with a challenge. Scott announced a cash giveaway of 100 K to promote his new album ‘Astroworld’. He told fans “So I know it’s hard for the kids, so I decided to unload my bank account, on you guys. I’m busting down $100,000 and giving it away to my fans that can tweet me their cash tag with lyrics from Astro, Gang.”

A fan Peter Valdriz explained his situation to the rapper late Wednesday. He said he could really use some money to help pay for the funeral of his mother. His mother died suddenly after she contracted a brain virus. Scott send Valdriz 800 with a personal note saying “I hope this helps’. Valdriz says the money will help with his mom’s funeral next week, and thanked the rapper, saying “I can’t believe he really did this, thank you so much.” The money came on what would have been his mother’s 52nd birthday. Valdriz told TMZ “My mom passed away last week after a battle with a brain virus and the complications that followed.”

Valdriz went on, “The donation from Travis really means a lot to my entire family. Knowing that someone is out there trying to help us during this difficult time means the world to us. I personally want to thank Travis Scott for really making a tough day for my family into a day we can cherish.” Valdriz says after Scott sent him the money it inspired other people to step up with generous donations, so that the entire funeral and associated expenses have now been completely paid. Valdriz says “It’s completely amazing what just one tweet can do, it can be completely life changing.” Scott’s album quickly climbed to number 1 shortly after it was released.

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