Wendy Williams Standing By Her Man Amid Ongoing Cheating Scandal

Talk show host Wendy Williams is putting on a brave public face, a midst the cheating rumors involving her husband continue. Publicly Williams is standing by her husband, Kevin Hunter. who she shares a son with. A source close to Williams said the cheating allegations are not true, and Williams is standing by her man. The source said Wendy is publicly denying all allegations, but privately she’s very angry as the rumors and speculation continue. A family insider talked to HollywoodLife, about the family drama playing out behind the scenes.

Williams,53, is the host of her syndicated talk show, ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ is staying focused on her work. The insider said that Williams is very embarrassed by the tabloid headlines. Williams’ husband of 20 years, Kevin Hunter is being accused of having a long term romantic relationship with his friend, Sharina Hudson. The reports are that Hunter and Hudson have romantically been involved with each other for 10 years and have a completely different life outside of Williams. The rumors are that Hunter has two families and is living a double life.


The source also reported that Williams told her husband if the rumors turn out to be true, their marriage is over. Although Hunter is denying the current allegations, he has admitted to cheating on Wendy in the past. Williams thinks there could be some truth to these current rumors since Hunter has admitted to past cheating. Hurt is Wendy’s second husband, her first husband was a man named Robert Morris, and he and Wendy divorced in 1997. That divorce was a long drawn out process that was very expensive, and painful Williams has said, she not willing to go through anything like that ever again. Wendy doesn’t want to go through another public divorce, that’s the downfalls of public removed different people, different challenges.

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