7 ’90′s Child Stars Gone Bad.. You Will Never Guess What They Did!


We have seen it once too often, a child being put into the limelight and turned into a celebrity only to become a drug addict and awful role model. Some might argue that because these kids do not get to experience a regular childhood, they don’t get the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of life and social interaction. Others argue ...

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Pharrell Cries During An Interview.. And It Isn’t Because Of Why You Think


Pharrell Williams is a multi-talented, creative genius. He is best known for the music that he creates, which ranges from producing beats, to guest appearing on other artists’ tracks, to selling millions of copies of his own hit singles. He has also been in the news recently for his outlandish fashion choices, namely that big hat he always seems to ...

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Amy Poehler Gives Advice To Women With Body Issues


Amy Poehler is best known for her stint on SNL and starring in the hit comedy show Parks and Recreation. But what you probably didn’t know about her is how smart and compassionate she is. A fan asked her a question on her Youtube series “Ask Amy” about body image and self love. Amy’s response was completely unexpected and out ...

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10 Celebrities Who Genuinely Care About Others

Jennifer Lopez is one of the most generous when it comes to helping the less fortunate

When you think of the word celebrity, you tend to assume that the person is self-absorbed, rich and selfish. We often hear of celebrities buying extravagant mansions and cars, or vacationing at an exotic island somewhere. What we don’t hear about too often are the times when celebrities give back to less fortunate people out of the kindness of their ...

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